Winter is a busy season on a Rocky Mountain ranch

For investors looking for ranches for sale during the winter months, it appears that this is the slow time of the year for ranch real estate owners. 

But ranchers know better. Winter poses unique challenges to ranchers all across the West. It’s a time when lengthy “to do” lists finally get the attention they deserve. It also shoulders ranch owners with significant daily demands.. 

Winter is an important time of the year. Ranchers must perform a number of regular tasks, from simple maintenance, to busting through ice to keep water sources open.

Livestock need regular attention

It gets cold in the Rocky Mountain West during winter months. That cold weather stresses livestock. Horses, cattle and sheep burn more calories in the winter just to stay warm, and if they’re not fed regularly, problems can arise quickly.

Additionally, water sources need to be kept open. Whether it’s busting through ice to ensure springs or water troughs remain available to animals, or ensuring pipes that deliver water to livestock remain open, it’s a daily responsibility that cannot be ignored.

For ranch property owners, livestock is top-of-mind. It’s usually the first task they address every day, and it’s likely the last issue they deal with at the end of the day.

Winter is a time for maintenance and repairs

When warmer weather arrives in spring and calving season begins, ranch property owners’ lives get extremely busy. That’s why, for ranchers, winter is a time to get needed equipment maintenance and repairs done. 

Winter is when ranchers have to “get stuff done.” Tractor engines must be serviced. Oil changed. Tires checked. Equipment must be repaired or replaced. As spring arrives, time demands will be greater. The risks of falling behind are significant. That can be problematic over time. 

Because winter can be brutally cold in the mountains, it’s the best time to get indoor projects addressed. Ranch real estate owners often devote time in the winter to needed projects in the ranch house. Everything from ranch house updates to full remodels are generally done with the snow flies. 

Fences, gates and roads need attention

For many ranch owners, the need to address fencing is important. This is particularly true for ranch property that includes important wildlife habitat or wildlife migration routes. 

Wildlife-friendly fencing helps deer, elk and pronghorn move through ranch property unimpeded. But those fences require frequent attention. Lay-down fences need to be checked regularly to ensure they’re tangling up wildlife. Other fences and gates need to be checked frequently to ensure wildlife hasn’t become tangled or trapped.

Fencelines must be examined to make sure they haven’t incurred damage from wildlife jumping over them or crawling under them. 

Investors need a broker who understands the challenges

Buyers and investors looking for ranches for sale from New Mexico to Montana need to understand the responsibilities they’ll take on if and when they close on a property. Finding a ranch for sale is one thing. Finding the right ranch for sale that matches your expectations is quite another. 

When you’re looking for the right ranch real estate, make sure you’re working with the right broker. A knowledgeable broker will be familiar with the ranch properties for sale. He or she can let you know what kinds of duties you’ll take on once you purchase a ranch for sale. 

More importantly, the right broker will have good relationships with rancher owners listing their ranches for sale. They can help you communicate directly with the seller. This way, you can gauge for yourself the winter duties that come with the ranch and if they match up with the time you have available to spend working on the ranch. 

Final word

Certainly, winter can be slower for ranch real estate owners. But the importance of the work that must be done is likely greater than at any other time of the year. 

Between daily livestock duties, maintenance and repair responsibilities and fence work, a rancher’s day will remain fairly full when it gets cold outside. Ranch investors looking for ranches for sale in the winter should know what’s in store should they make an offer on ranch property.

The best way to determine if a ranch for sale is right for you is to work with a savvy broker with experience in the ranch real estate market. These professionals understand the market, know the ranching community and can help buyers set the appropriate expectations when the time comes to make an offer on a ranch for sale.

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