Draw-tag and controlled-hunt applications are due soon

Hunters in the Rockies are on a deadline. Draw tag applications are due in the coming weeks for most big-game species. That means now is the time to get those applications and any applicable fees into state fish and game management agencies. 

Whether you’re after draw tags for mule deer, pronghorn, elk, bighorn sheep or rare chances at mountain goats or moose, chances are, your deadlines are approaching. It’s not too late to put in for big-game tags. That said, time is short. 

For ranch owners, the same rules apply for landowner tags in many western states. Most states have a deadline for landowner tag applications, or a registration deadline for your ranch to be eligible to receive landowner tags from the state. Make sure to check your state regulations or talk with your state’s wildlife management agency to determine what needs to be done for you to receive landowner tags to hunt this fall.

Deadlines approaching in Montana

The deadline for draw tag applications for mule deer, whitetail deer and elk is Monday, April 1. If you haven’t put in for a Montana tag yet, time is short. 

If you’re after more coveted game, like bison, moose, mountain goats or bighorn sheep, the deadline for special hunting units in Montana is May 1.

For B tags in Montana (a second drawing), the deadline for pronghorn, deer and elk is June 1.

Keep in mind, these deadlines for draw tags only in special hunting units where Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks limits the numbers of tags available to hunters. And, of course, some of these units include prime ranch real estate. If you wish to hunt one of these units and have permission to hunt on ranch property, apply now. 

Colorado deadline is next week

Hunters who hope to hunt on ranch property in special hunting units in Colorado have until Tuesday, April 2, to apply for draw tags for most of the state’s big-game animals. This includes, deer, elk, sheep, pronghorn, mountain goats, moose and bear. Don’t waste anymore time. Submit your applications now. 

Wyoming hunting applications due soon

The deadline for special hunting unit applications in Wyoming for moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goats is April 30. April 30 is also the deadline for the coveted bison draw tag. 

The deadline for draw tags for deer, pronghorn, resident elk and fall turkey is May 31.

Utah deadlines fast approaching

Draw tags for Utah hunters hoping to hunt special-management units for deer, elk, pronghorn, moose, bison, mountain goats and bighorn sheep are due April 25.

Controlled hunt application deadline coming soon in Idaho

In Idaho, hunters applying for controlled hunts for moose, mountain goats and bighorn sheep must have their applications into Idaho Fish and Game by April 30. The controlled hunt application period for deer, elk, pronghorn and fall bear opens May 1 and closes June 5. 

Know your hunting unit

If you’re a ranch real estate owner, or if you’re a hunting-focused investor looking for a ranch for sale, know your hunting unit. If your ranch or the ranch for sale that you hope to purchase is in a coveted hunting unit, it could add value to your investment. 

For instance, a ranch for sale in northwest Colorado would be a quality investment for a hunter in the market for a ranch for sale. The region is home to some of the largest elk and deer herds in America.

A ranch for sale in southern Wyoming would be a great investment for an avid pronghorn hunter. As a hunter, if you know the hunting unit of the ranch for sale, you’ll be able to determine if the ranch is right for you. 

Always ask for permission

Some special hunting unit tags included large swaths of private ranch real estate. If you draw a tag to hunt in a unit that has private land, always ask for permission before the season starts. In fact, it’s always best to ask months ahead of time. Some ranch real estate owners don’t allow hunters on their land. Others are more understanding. Never assume you’ll get permission to hunt. Always ask first. 

Final word

Hunting season is months away. But draw tag applications are due very soon. If you hope to participate in controlled hunts or hunt limited-draw hunting units, it’s time to act. Send your application and any needed fees into your state wildlife management agency. 

For ranch real estate owners, the same rules apply if you wish to purchase controlled-hunt tags (landowner tags are separate propositions). Spring is a good time to properly post your property. It’s also a good time to check on the health of the big-game herds that might use your ranch as winter range or for migration. 

If you’re an attentive ranch owner, the health of the herds matters to you. Check on the health of the available browse that deer, elk, moose and pronghorn might need on your ranch. 

For ranch owners, knowing which hunting unit includes your ranch is important. For investors looking at ranches for sale, the same is true. A ranch situated in a coveted hunting unit can command top dollar from hunting-minding investors. 

Finally, if you draw a tag to hunt in a unit that includes private land, always ask for permission before going hunting. It’s a simple courtesy. And you might be surprised how many ranchers will let you access their land. 

Here’s a great site that can help you figure out when your deadlines are in each state. 

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