Finding the right ranch to meet your needs

There are lots of choices for investors searching for ranches for sale in the Mountain West. But every buyer is different. Each has different reasons for seeking ranch real estate. 

Some buyers are interested in big spreads and large cow-calf operations. Others have more nuanced goals, like finding a ranch with good hunting assets. Still others just want to get away from the manic pace of city life.

If you’re looking for ranches for sale in the Mountain West, consider the following options. There’s likely a property with your name on it. You just don’t know it yet. 

Ace High Ranch

Hunting ranches for sale in the Mountain West

There are precious few ranches for sale in the Mountain West that offer stellar hunting on site. But, if you consider adjacent public lands access and the big game these lands support, the number rises. Here are some ideas:

Ranch of Our Lady

Nestled in the gorgeous Black Hills of northeast Wyoming, this 2,238-acre ranch is a big-game paradise. Home to elk, mule deer and pronghorn, the ranch offers hunters a secluded hunting experience with easy access to the nearby Black Hills National Forest.

For ranchers interested in a cattle operation, the ranch features ample water, both above-ground and well-produced. It’s a fertile spread that offers a little something for everyone. 

Ace High Ranch

This beautiful 1,785-acre spread in northern New Mexico offers stellar herds of mule deer and elk to avid hunters. It’s also one of the West’s legendary ranches that boasts some incredible natural history. 

It once straddled an ancient native American migration route, and later, it was home to Basque sheepherders. Signs of both can still be seen on the ranch. Its high elevation and ample water make it excellent habitat for all sorts of wildlife. Hunters looking for ranches for sale in the Mountain West might want to take a good look at this one. 

Fishing ranches for sale in the Mountain West

Ranches that boast quality fishing resources on site are very rare. But there are some incredible opportunities for ranchers on the market today. 

Broadacres Ranch

This dual-parcel ranch in southern Colorado actually straddles the trout-rich waters of the upper Rio Grande. In fact, on the 241-acre Rio Grande tract, an Orvis-endorsed fishing lodge already exists. 

For investors looking for ranches for sale in the Mountain West that boast stellar fishing, this property stands out in a very big way. 

The Bow Fiddle Ranch

This stunning ranch in southern Wyoming encompasses much of the Little Laramie River, a trophy trout stream. If you’re looking for seclusion, but easy access to a main transportation hub, Bow Fiddle is just two hours away from Denver. 

The Little Laramie is a well-kept secret in trout circles, and an entrepreneurial investor could make this place very special. 

Cattle ranches for sale in the Mountain West

Investors looking for ranches for sale in the West for the purpose of running a profitable cow-calf operation have lots to consider. Water resources are vital, as is acreage and the quality of the range. Consider these options.

Happy Jack Ranch

Situated near Cheyenne and only about 90 minutes from Denver, this 13,000-acre spread might be the best cow-calf ranch available on the market today. It’s the ultimate turn-key operation for investors. It’s already cross-fenced into 30-acre grazing meadows.

Today, the ranch supports 400 cow-calf units, and excellent water resources. If you’re in the market for a profitable cattle operation, look no further. 

Haystack River Ranch

Located on the fabled North Platte River, this ranch offers the best of both worlds for investors looking for ranches for sale in the Mountain West. It boasts excellent fishing, which should appeal to buyers who love to chase trout. For hunters, it’s also a great option, as the ranch’s habitat supports deer, elk and pronghorn.

But, for buyers looking for a productive cattle operation, this one is hard to beat. With 25,000 deeded acres and almost 41,000 acres leased, the ranch supports up to 9,000 cow-calf units. It’s an excellent investment for buyers looking primarily for a cattle operation.

Final word

Buyers looking for ranches for sale in the Mountain West have lots of choices. Depending on their investment plans, there is likely a ranch available that meets their needs. From investors looking for fishing or hunting ranches, to buyers who want to run a full-fledged livestock operation, there are plenty of options.

The key to finding the right ranch investment opportunity is to first find the right broker. It’s always best to find someone familiar with both the ranch real estate market and the inventory of ranches for sale in the Mountain West. 

Simply put, the right broker can make your search much easier.

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