How to enhance the curb appeal of your western ranch

We’ve all heard the phrase “curb appeal.” It simply references the appearance of real estate on the market, and how it appeals to potential buyers. Curb appeal applies to western ranches for sale, too. 

If you’re a ranch owner, and you’ve listed your ranch for sale, curb appeal matters. Here are some ideas to help you present your ranch to prospective buyers. Most of these tasks are routine. You should be doing them anyway. But some might surprise you. Take a look.

Bow Fiddle Ranch

Mend those fences

In some areas of the West, summer is just now starting to show up. And, it’s been a hectic spring of calving, maintenance and unsettled weather. For ranchers who have listed western ranches for sale, now is the time to tend to the basics. And there’s nothing more basic than fences

Livestock, wildlife, wind and snow all take a toll on a ranch’s fences. But, if you’re listing your ranch for sale, start the fence-mending in the most visible places. Look at fence lines along any public interface. Find and fix droopy wires, downed poles or broken gates that can be obviously seen. For attentive buyers, proper fence maintenance indicates a commitment to the property on the part of the current owners. 

Once the visible issues are fixed, turn your attention to any fencing issues you might have “on the back 40.” But, no matter what, don’t show your ranch until your fences are mended. 

Arial view of a western ranch

Clear any debris

Nobody wants to buy a ranch that looks like it might be a collective gathering place for junk. Tend to anything that might look like it doesn’t belong. Think about things like vehicles that don’t work anymore, or piles of slash gathered after the last storm brought down tree limbs. Tow the junk truck away. Burn or clean the slash. Make things tidy. 

When listing western ranches for sale, often, it’s the little things that make the difference. A good first impression will get a buyer in the door. And a clean, tidy forward-facing property is a good place to start.

Flowers on a western ranch for sale

Showcase the assets

If your ranch offers unique assets, like great hunting or a trout stream, make those assets part of the ranch’s theme. For instance, put a nice elk rack at the entrance of the ranch, or design an entry arch that includes some creative art of a trout or a trout fly. 

Give prospective buyers some idea as to what the ranch is all about. Yes, it’s low-grade advertising. But, if a prospective investor happens by and sees an entry arch that boasts of great fishing on the ranch, they will have an idea of what the ranch is all about.

And, if the potential buyer is an angler, you’ve likely piqued their interest before they’ve even set foot on the property. 

The front yard of a western ranch for sale

Best foot forward

It might seem obvious, but a simple tidying up of the ranch can go a long way. Clean windows, a freshly painted barn or welcoming outdoor spaces give buyers a good feeling. It’s simple, really. If you care about your ranch — and show it — it will have more value to those interested in the property. 

So, keep the lawn mowed. Weed the flower garden. Sweep the front porch. Hang some colorful flower baskets. Western ranches for sale come in all shapes and sizes. Make your ranch stand out by keeping up with the basics. It’ll make it easier for you to command top dollar when it comes time to sit down and negotiate.

A western ranch for sale

Final word

One of the easiest ways to get potential buyers looking for western ranches for sale is to mind the little things. Don’t show your ranch until your fences are mended, and make sure the ranch is free of debris and trash. 

Market your ranch’s assets, like great fishing and hunting, with some simple and visible marketing assets. Make sure the lawn is mowed, and the weeds are pulled. And make sure the ranch house and the outbuildings are in good repair. 
Sweat the little things, and, before you know it, you’ll command top dollar for your ranch property. And, for more ideas on how to prepare your ranch for the market this summer, find a good ranch broker who knows the business.

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