Why a ranch broker is the best choice to help you sell your ranch property

When you’re ready to sell your ranch, look beyond the local stable of general Realtors to help you list your land. An experienced ranch broker with an extensive network of property investors is going to be your best bet.

First, ranch brokers know the market. Brokers understand the value of ranch property. They’re dialed in on prices, trends and regulations surrounding the sale of large plots of property. A good Realtor might know the average listing price of a home in the market, but a good ranch broker takes a deeper dive. In possession of ranch market knowledge, a ranch broker takes all the factors of ranch real estate into account. Before settling on a price, a ranch broker will consider all the factors and, with the ranch owner’s help, find that “sweet spot” in the market for a solid listing.

An experienced ranch broker knows the market

A good ranch broker understands the local ranchland real estate market. They constantly monitor local markets for trends. Brokers work extensively with ranchers and ranch land owners, so they understand the complexities of large land transactions. An experienced ranch broker understands local regulations. They work with officials across the government complex to make sure your ranch sale is as seamless as possible. 

Brokers have an extensive ranch market network

Because ranch brokers only deal in ranch and farm real estate transactions, they have a vast network of clients. These clients include potential buyers. Brokers understand the needs of their clients and the current market. They understand ranches, their resources and how those resources are used and replenished. And, a good ranch broker will become familiar with the listing property, and all of its assets. This makes a ranch broker the right choice when it comes to finding the right buyer. By understanding all the features of a ranch, the broker can then find the buyer who desires land possessing these assets. A good ranch broker is also a really good matchmaker who puts buyers and sellers together.

Experienced ranch brokers know the laws and regulations

Large real estate transactions — like farm and ranch sales and purchases — can be complicated. A good ranch broker has experience dealing with these types of transactions. He or she can guide a sale from listing to offer to closing, all while ensuring local regulations and federal laws are followed.

A good broker, too, understands some of the subtleties around ranch purchases, from county zoning laws, water rights transfers, grazing lease transfers, etc. It’s complicated, and it pays to choose a broker who works every day in this arena. 

Brokers walk the walk

Chances are, a ranch broker is part of a larger ranching community — somebody who understands the intricacies of ranching. They may own ranch property themselves. A ranch broker will likely show up to a meeting in a four-wheel drive truck, offer up a firm handshake and be able to “speak the language” of the seller without a hitch. A general Realtor likely won’t possess these skills. Choosing a broker who only represents ranch sellers and buyers will give ranch owners a head start on a lucrative sale. 

The bottom line

Ranch brokers are dialed into the local ranch real estate market, and they possess a large network of both buyers and sellers. They’re also up to speed on local, state and federal laws and regulations surrounding ranchland transactions. Ranch brokers are part of the ranching community, and they can see value in ranchland that Realtors might miss. Choosing a ranch broker gives sellers a leg up on the competition.

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