Why Your Next Property Needs to Be an Investment Ranch

Rural living is on the rise. What’s not to love about fresh air, wide-open spaces, and friendly neighbors? Owning an investment ranch has been a trend for years. Why? Because people like living in the country and why not make a few dollars while you do it?

In case you are a city dweller and haven’t heard, the quieter lifestyle in rural America is trending. So, get in on the bottom rung. Learn why buyers are checking out their yearning to put down roots in out of the way places.

What is an Investment Ranch?

An investment ranch is a ranch property that is used to make an income. Some investment ranches are full-out cattle operations, while others simply rent out a guest house to let guests experience the magic of nature.

Either way, an investment ranch grants you the flexibility to live a freer life without the hustle and bustle of the city. However, you choose to make money on the ranch is up to you. Larger income-producing ranches are often a full-time deal, while smaller establishments, such as shared amenity ranches or sharing hunting tags, is a much less hands-on operation.

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The Advantages of an Investment Ranch

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Why relocate to a large investment ranch outside of a small town? The land brings out a kind of healing. Out on the land, it is about a simpler lifestyle and getting back to what is important. Families appreciate a country lifestyle for better schools, healthier things to do, and many physical things to do. Not to mention your land can make you money, and who doesn’t want that?

One farmer explains that Rural America is the absolute best place to live. Why? Community and a better attitude. People take pride in ranching and working the land. They seem to take the time for one another and rush to help in times of need.

Essentially, the rural renaissance includes many families, families who want low crime, good schools, and traditional values. Others may enjoy the beauty, clean air, or recreation. Some try to incorporate more sustainable habits such as composting, gardening, growing fruit trees, hunting, and fishing.

Earn an Income on Your Ranch

From telecommuting to farming and ranching, these country lovers find ways to make a living while staying miles from a big city. Farms and ranches also attract many investors and homebuyers who do not want to be involved in working the land.

For those who invest in a farm or ranch, this gives us an idea of what you would pay those who care for the property. Farmers, ranchers, and agricultural managers earned a median annual salary of over $65,000 in 2016, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The 75th percentile salary is over $90,000.

And there are many other ways to utilize your income ranch. Some of the ranches for sale in rural Colorado and Wyoming would serve as wonderful hunting and fishing grounds. There are so many recreational activities—hiking to 4-wheeling in the mountains and valleys. Some even opt to put their Colorado ranches for rent or partial use as vacation property.farms and ranches

Best Places to Buy an Investment Ranch

The Progressive Farmer Magazine recently weighed factors in rural communities across America. They looked at schools, crime, health care, clean air, and community. This study resulted in a list of the best counties to live in.

In the Rocky Mountains, our own Eagle County, Colorado made the list. Do you know this area? West of Breckenridge, it includes ski areas around Vail. But the Vail Valley is also home to many farms and ranches. Eagle County does not allow any ranch to be subdivided to parcels under 35 acres.

Eagle County may be more well-known and offers quite a few amenities, such as the Eagle Vail Regional Airport. Harrigan Land will scope out similar communities near farms and ranches in Colorado—or Utah, Wyoming, and New Mexico. Let us know if you want to explore possibilities.

Overall, investment ranches bring you closer to the natural life you’ve always wanted. They offer up a great way to have a side gig, or opt for a total career switch.

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