National Western Stock Show attendance illustrates interest in ranch life

This year’s annual National Western Stock Show in Denver attracted just shy of 700,000 visitors. Attendees came from all 50 states and dozens of foreign countries to experience the show, even as temperatures for the event neared record lows. 

The take-away message for ranch real estate investors? Our Western heritage is strong. There’s worldwide interest in the ranching lifestyle and people are looking for ways to be a part of it, including looking at ranches for sale. 

Cold doesn’t deter visitors

With temperatures dipping below zero, the event’s annual rodeo actually sold out. In all, it was one of the 10 best-attended stock shows ever. And, more growth is a near certainty. The National Western Stock Show is adding to its complex in north Denver. All of the buildings in the complex will either be new or remodeled by 2026. 

The Western lifestyle carries with it a significant amount of inspirational romance. And, as some Americans (and foreigners looking to own U.S. ranches for sale), eschew a crowded city existence, the ranching life looks even better. 

Ranch real estate a hot commodity

That could be why, as the national real estate market is still trying to find its way in a post-pandemic world, western ranches for sale are still commanding premium prices. 

“Overall, demand remains extremely high for high-end ranch property,” says Hunter Harrigan of Harrigan Land Company. “There is still an abundance of buyers and limited supply, keeping prices very high.”

The “abundance of buyers” is ideally illustrated by an event like the NWSS. Perhaps no other event in the country would still have attracted a full house with the weather like it was in Denver earlier in January.

Winter is a good time to buy … and sell

While it’s certainly a good time to list ranch real estate property for sale, Harrigan says winter is also one of the best times to buy acreage in the Rockies. Winter is generally a slower season for real estate. There won’t be quite as many buyers on the prowl. Those who do brave the elements and do some serious land shopping stand will face fewer competitors. 

But, even with the cold, interest in the ranch real estate market is high. And no matter how cold it is, that interest isn’t going away. Prices for ranches and ranch acreage aren’t going down anytime soon. 

The bottom line?

The unique Western heritage still appeals to people, and the appeal is international. Living the ranching life is a dream for many. Getting out of crowded cities and becoming more connected with the land is important to people. 

This year’s National Western Stock Show illustrates that interest, and savvy real estate investors should take that interest to heart. With prices continuing to grow, the ranch real estate market is primed for both buyers and sellers.

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