Bradley Peak Ranch

Lake George, Colorado


Imagine freely-rising brown and rainbow trout on a broad Rocky Mountain meadow stream. As you rig up in the cool morning air, you notice two mule deer fifty yards upstream, cautiously making their way to drink from the stream. The valley is entirely silent, except for the gentle slosh of your wading boots as you position yourself into range of the nearest rise.

Imagine your first cast, as your #18 Blue Winged Olive Parachute barely dimples the water upstream of the rise. A bulge appears, your fly disappears, and you raise your rod high. The heavy trout surges toward the bank, but you’re able to turn him to the middle of the stream, and eventually into your net. It’s a solid brown, 18 or 19 inches. You gently rock the big brown back and forth until he flexes his tail strongly and makes a deliberate beeline for the bank. You straighten up and spot the next enticing ring on the water.

Now imagine this scene taking place only ninety minutes from the largest city in the Rockies. You’re at Bradley Peak Ranch, a jewel of a flyfishing property in the quiet Tarryall Valley in Colorado’s Park County. Just the other side of the Tarryall Range, traffic is heavy between Denver and Colorado Springs. But here, at 8700 feet, you’re a world apart, and the only traffic you’ll meet is a herd of bighorn sheep on County Road 77.

Bradley Peak Ranch encompasses about 235 acres of valley bottomland, partially under conservation easement, and approximately 1.7 miles of Tarryall Creek, a rich, 30-foot-wide stream with a large population of 10- to 20-inch brown and rainbow trout, and a few river pike. The stream is easy wading, and accessible to all skill levels of anglers. The stream has been managed as a fly fishing, catch and release only water for several years, and the trout are in excellent condition.

As superb as the stream fishing is at the ranch, much more is available. The ranch adjoins the Pike National Forest, with deer, elk, bear, mountain lion and bighorn sheep hunting. The rugged Lost Creek Wilderness is only a half-mile distant. Lake fishing is available at Tarryall Reservoir, just a few miles upstream. Hiking, equestrian and mountain biking opportunities are plentiful.

A recently renovated, log and stucco home is a welcome site on the ranch. It has two bedrooms, one bath, dining and living areas, with a spacious patio overlooking the ranch. A small homestead cabin complements the home, and valuable water rights irrigate land for hay or grazing. In short, the Bradley Peak Ranch is ready to go as a perfect fly fishing retreat so close, yet so far from the city. Denver is ninety minutes away, Woodland Park forty, and Colorado Springs sixty. Access is year-round with power in place.

Imagine yourself at Bradley Peak Ranch. Stay for the weekend, or stay for a lifetime. This valley will capture your heart.

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