Why You Need to Buy a Ranch in Wyoming

Why You Need to Buy a Ranch in Wyoming

Wide-open skies and rolling plains meet jagged peaks in the heart of ranch country. They don’t call it the “Cowboy State” for no reason. With a rich ranching history, buying a ranch in Wyoming is like owning a living part of history. Wyoming cultivates the perfect ranch culture with ample tax benefits, affordable plots, and plenty of unbeatable outdoor recreation options, 

Where to Find Ranches for Sale in Wyoming

When it comes to finding the right Wyoming ranch to call home, you’ll want a reliable Wyoming ranch broker on your side. Once you’ve selected the right ranch real estate broker for the job, you can start searching for your dream ranch.

You’ll find incredible Wyoming ranches throughout the state. From the rolling planes of Cody to the picturesque mountain landscapes of Laramie there are countless options for stunning Wyoming ranch locations.

Stunning Landscapes at Affordable Prices

Compared to its pricey neighbors of Colorado and Montana, Wyoming ranches typically have lower price points per acre than their expensive counterparts. Finding a deal on ranch land in Wyoming isn’t too tough. 

Don’t be fooled, this doesn’t mean the land is cheap. Throughout the state, you’ll find incredible Wyoming ranches at lower prices than the competition. Largely due to awesome tax breaks (we’ll get to that in a second), and rich ranching heritage, these Wyoming ranch properties make owning your dream property a reality.

Of course, there are a few areas (particularly near Jackson Hole) that offer ranches at steeper prices, but in general, Wyoming land is an excellent value that can’t be beaten. Fertile grazing, rich hunting territory, and world-class fishing await in Wyoming.

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Tax Benefits for Buying a Ranch in Wyoming

Why are land prices generally less expensive in Wyoming? Thanks to a rich history of ranching, there are several tax incentives to owning a ranch in Wyoming. First, the state already enjoys zero income or corporate tax. This is amazing news for income-producing ranches or those who can work remotely from their ranch. For those that are looking to retire, Wyoming also boasts zero taxes on out-of-state retirement income. 

Other tax incentives for ranch ownership in Wyoming include:

  • Zero real estate tax
  • No excise tax in Wyoming
  • You do not have to pay an estate or inheritance tax which lets your investment stay with you for generations to come.
  • There is no tax on mineral rights or ownership
  • Low fuel tax
  • Wyoming has a very low property tax
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Wyoming Fly Fishing Ranches

Own a Piece of History

Ranching has been a part of local Wyoming history since 1866. There is a rich culture of ranching, Native American heritage, and plenty of uniquely American history. Throughout the state, you’ll find historic ranch lands steeped in legend and history. These properties offer the opportunity to make your impact on the cowboy culture of the great American West.

There are many reasons to buy a ranch in Wyoming. From the fertile landscapes to the unbeatable tax incentives Wyoming makes ranch dreams come true.


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Harrigan Land Company provides a personal and comprehensive service to buyers and sellers, with unsurpassed knowledge of fishing and hunting ranches in the states of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Oklahoma and Wyoming.

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